1. NAME:                                                          Feto Esimo Berisso

2. PRESENT POSITION:                                  Director General of Iqqo

                                                                             (E-mail:  feto_esimo@iqqo.org or fetoberisso@yahoo.com )

3. DEGREES RECEIVED:                                 BSc., M.Sc., Ph.D.


Degree                                Discipline                                      University                             Year

Ph.D.                   Soil physics  and Hydropedology                      Aarhus University                    2013

M.Sc.                 Agricultural & Bioresources Engineering         Wagenigen University                   2007

BSc.                   Agricultural Engineering & Mechanization        Hawassa University                     2002


(i) Academic

Dates                                                Position                                          Employer

January 2017- Present                      Director General                                  IQQO

2013-2017                                       Assistant professor                              Hawassa University

2007-2009                                      Lecturer                                               Hawassa University

2002-2005                                      Assiatant Lecturer                                Hawassa University

 (ii) Professional

Dates                                          Position                                                                 Employer

2009-2012                                  Phd fellow                                                                Aarhus University

January- March 2013                   Researcher                                                              Aarhus University


Dates                                               Position

2013-2016                   Deputy scientific director of Institute of Technology

2007-2009                   Head, Technique and general services department


2005-2007 NUFFIC Scholarship, award from NFP

2009-2013 SAFE Scholarship, award from Aarhus university

2008 Hawassa University’s President Office, Certificate of recognition of remarkable managerial support in deploying the main-campus of the Hawassa Univesity


  (i) Hawassa University


  • Soil plant atmosphere interactions


  • Research methods
  • Introduction to scientific writing and seminar
  • Advanced Soil Mechanics
  • Soil plant atmosphere interactions


  • Engineering Drawing
  • Technical and mechanical drawing
  • Farm building
  • Descriptive geometry  
  • Irrigation and water management Soil Mechanics I 1st semester 2013/14
  • Soil Mechanics II
  • Introduction to Soil physics and Mechanics

(II) Aarhus University


  • Environmental soil physics
  • Merging, Measurements and Modeling in Soil Physics
  • Soil deformation: Modeling, measuring and visualization


  • Soil Sciences for engineers


I completed my PhD studies in 2013 under the tutelage of senior scientist Per Schjønning. During my PhD study I have conducted research in various aspects of soil physical properties and modeling soil compaction. I have about 8 scientific articles published/ in press in peer reviewed journals, two (2) manuscripts in preparation, nine (9) international conference papers, three (3) national reports. Two (2) oral presentations and two (2) posters at international scientific conferences since 2009 (see list below). I advised and examined MSC and BSc students. As independent researcher, I received funding for five(5) projects.

(i) List of publications


Berisso F.E. 2016. Soil physical property as affected by repeated traffic. Paper presented at 6th International Conference of on trends in Agricultural Engineering, Prague, Czech republic.


Mathieu Lamandé, Thomas Keller, Feto Berisso, Matthias Stettler, Per Schjønning. Accuracy of soil stress measurements: Calibration of four 1 transducers in the field. Soil and TillageResearch ; 145:72–77. DOI: 10.1016/j.still.2014.08.011. 5


Schjønning, P; Lamandé, Mathieu; Berisso, F. E; Simojoki, A; Alakukoku, L; Andreasen, R. R. Gas diffusion, non-Darcy air permeability and CT- scans for a traffic-affected clay subsoil. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 77:1977– 1990. doi:10.2136/sssaj2013.06.0224 of American Journal.

Lamandé, M; Wildenschild D.; Berisso, F. E; Garbout,A: Marsh, M; Møldrup,P; Keller, T; Hansen, S.B; de Jonge, L.W; Schjønning, P. 201 3 . X- ray CT and laboratory measurements on glacial till subsoil cores – assessment of inherent and compaction-affected soil structure characteristics. http://dx.doi.org/10.1097/SS.0b013e3182a79e1a.

Keller, T; Carizzoni, M.; Berisso, F. E; Stettler, M.; Lamandé, M. Measuring the Dynamic Soil Response during Repeated Wheeling Using Seismic Methods. http://dx.doi.org/10.2136/vzj2013.01.0033


Berisso, F. E; Schjønning, Per; Lamandé, Mathieu; Weisskopf, P.; Stettler, M.; Keller, T. 2012.Effects of the stress field induced by a running tyre on the soil pore system. Soilm and Tillage Research 131, 36-46.

Berisso, F. E; Schjønning, Per; Keller, Thomas; Lamandé, Mathieu; Simojoki, Asko; Iversen, Bo Vangsø; Alakukku, Laura; Forkman, Johannes. Gas transport and subsoil pore characteristics : Anisotropy and long- term effects of compaction. Geoderma 195–196, 184-191.


Schjønning, Per; Lamandé, Mathieu; Berisso, F. E. Effekt af kørsel med gyllevogn på rumfang og funktion af jordens porer. Oversigt over Landsforsoegene, Nr. 2011, 2012, s. 259-262.

Berisso, F. E; Keller, T; Lamandé, Mathieu; Iversen, Bo Vangsø; Etana, A; Simojoki, A; Alakukku, L; Arvidsson, J; Forkman, J; Schjønning, Per. Persistence of subsoil compaction and its effects on pore characteristics and gas transport. NJF Report, Vol. 8, Nr. 1, 2012, s. 55- 58.

Berisso, F. E; Schjønning, P; Keller, T; Lamandé, M; Etana, A; de Jonge, L. W; Iversen, B. V; Arvidsson, J; Forkman, J. I: Persistent effects of subsoil compaction on pore characteristics and functions in a loamy soil. Soil & Tillage Research, 122, 42-51.

Keller, T; Berisso, F. E; Etana, A; Lamandé, M; Larsbo, M; Forkman, J; Arvidsson, J; de Jonge, L. W; Iversen, B. V; Jarvis, N; Simojoko, A. Persistent effects of subsoil compaction on soil pore structure and transport processes.2012. Abstract from 4th International Congress EUROSOIL 2012, Fiera del Levante, Bari, Italia.

Schjønning, P; Keller, T; Lamandé, M; Stettler, M; Lassen, P; Alakukku, L; Børresen, T; Jarvis, N; Dörsch, P; Arvidsson, J; Simojoki, A; Iversen, B. V; Etana, A; Regina, K; Larsbo, M; Berisso, F. E; Jørgensen, M. S; Silvennoinen, H; Mossadeghi, M; Lilja, H; Breuning-Madsen, H; Greve, M. H; van der Akker, J. J. H; Rücknagel, J; Nielsen, J A; Pedersen, J. Risk assessment and effects of soil compaction : Research chains at work.. I: NJF Report, Vol. 8, Nr. 1, 2012, s. 13-16.

Iversen, B. V; Berisso, F. E; Koestel, J; Lamandé, M; de Jonge, L. W; Keller, T; Arvidsson, J; Schjønning, P. Soil hydraulic properties and preferential flow in relation tobasic soil properties and spol compaction. I: NJF Report, Vol. 8, Nr. 1, 2012, s. 105-107. 6

Lamandé, M; Berisso, F. E; Alakukku, L; Wildenschild, D; Schjønning, P. Subsoil compaction of a clay soil persists three decades after heavy wheel traffic. I: NJF Report, Vol. 8, Nr. 1, 2012, s. 49-52.

Berisso, F. E; Schjønning, P; Lamandé, M; Weisskopf, P.; Stettler, M.; Keller, T. 2012.Wheel traffic effect on air-filled porosity and air permeability in a soil catena across the wheel rut. Paper presented at 19th International Conference of the International Soil Tillage Research Organization, Montevideo, Uruguay.


Berisso, F. E; Schjønning, P; Keller, T; Lamandé, M; de Jonge, L. W; Iversen, B. V; Simojoki, A; Arvidsson, J; Alakukku, L; Forkman, J. 2011. Anisotropy of the Subsoil Pore System As Affected by High Mechanical Stresses. Abstract from ASA-CSSA-SSA International Annual Meeting 2011, Fundamental for Life: Soil, Crop, & Environmental Sciences, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Schjønning, P; Lamandé, M; Berisso, F. E; Etana, A; Wildenschild, D; Lassen, P; de Jonge, L. W; Keller, T; Arvidsson, J. 2011. Jordpakning - processer, effekter og forebyggelse. 2011. Abstract from Bioforsk-konferansen, Sarpsborg, Norge.

Wildenschild, D; Marsh, M; Schjønning, P; Lamande, M; de Jonge, L. W; Møldrup, P; Garbout, A; Berisso, F. E; Iversen, B. V. Pore morphology- based visualization and quantification of compaction effects in subsoils using x-ray CT. 2011. Poster session presented at 3rd International Conference on Porous Media, Bordeaux, France.

Keller, T; Berisso, F. E; Etana, A; Lamandé, M; Larsbo, M; Forkman, J; Arvidsson, J; de Jonge, L. W; Iversen, B. V; Jarvis, N; Schjønning, P. Subsoil pore characteristics and functions are negatively affected 14 years after compaction in a Swedish sandy clay loam. International Conference on Protection of agricultural soils against joint stress of natural and anthropogenic factors. 2011. s. 33- 35.


Iversen, B. V; Berisso, F. E; Schjønning, P; Wildenschild, D; de Jonge, L. W; Etana, A; Jarvis, N; Larsbo, M; Keller, T; Arvidsson, J; Børgesen, C. D. 2010. Effect of Subsoil Compaction on Hydraulic Parameters. Abstract from ASA, CSSA, and SSSA 2010 International Annual Meetings, Long Beach, CA, USA.

Schjønning, P; Berisso, F. E; Lamande, M. 2010. Kræfter i trædefladen under hjul og iunderjorden ved gylleudbringning. Oversigt over Landsforsoegene, Vol. 2010, 2010, s. 256-258.

Berisso, F. E; Schjønning, P; Lamandé, M; de Jonge, L. W; Iversen, B. V; Wildenschild, D; Keller, T; Arvidsson, J; Simojoki, A. 2010. Persistent compaction effects on subsoil pore characteristics and hydraulic functions. 1st International Conference and Exploratory Workshop on Soil Architecture and Physico- Chemical Functions "CESAR". Aarhus Universitet, Det Jordbrugsvidenskabelige Fakultet, 2010. s. 47-50.


(ii) Research Supervision

MSc students

Ganole Gatiso.  Effects of Different Land Use on Soil Physical Properties: The Case study of Abo-Wonsho District, (awarded 2016)

Melkamu Barasa.  Gully Erosion study using GIS and Remote Sensing at Lake Hawassa Catchment, Hawassa Zuria Woreda, Southern Ethiopia (awarded 2015)

Tesfaye Ossie.  Impact of gully erosion on physical soil and water conservation measures . (awarded 2015)

Tagesse Gichamo. Water Balance and Hydrodynamics of Lake Beseka (awarded 2015)

Haimanot Zawudu Community Based Soil And Water Conservation Towards Minimizing Land Degradation: A Case Study In Damot Gale Woreda (Awarded 2016)

Debiso Dede Soil Erosion Impacts and Farmers’ Perception on Conservation Measures In Boricha Woreda, Southern Ethiopia (awarded 2015)

Beshir Tessa Evaluation of Water Delivery and water Use Efficiency: The Case of Metahara Sugar Estate Farm (awarded in 2016)

Adisu Adilo Impact of land use land cover change on water Resource availability in Bilate River Watershed (awarded in 2016)

Dulo Husen.  Impacts of Level Soil Bund on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties: The Case Of Negelle Arsi, Ethiopia (awarded in 2016)

Mengesh Medalcho. Effect of Different Level Soil Compaction on Teff Yield (in progress)

Ashango Alito. Constructed wetlands to mitigate site-specific nutrient losses (in progress)



Name                                                                   Email                                      Telephone

Senior scientists Per Schjønning:                 Per.Schjonning@agrsci.dk                    +45 8715 7725

Dr. Thomas Keller                                       thomas.keller@agroscope.admin.ch       +41 44 377 76 05

Dr. Mathieu Lamandé                                  Mathieu.Lamande@agrsci.dk                 +4587157694

Dr. Bo.V.Iversen                                         Bo.V.Iversen@agrsci.dk                        +4587157741

Dr. Moltot Zewudie                                      tambek72@gmail.com                            +251930279500