Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (IQQO)

Bedele Soil Research Center

Objectives of the center

To restoring and maintaining the natural resources base of the mandate area by adapting, generating, multiplying, and disseminating appropriate agricultural technologies for increase agricultural production and productivity, alleviation of poverty and improvement of the overall living standard of farming community of mandate area on sustainable bases.

Research Focus

Soil fertility and productivity improvement is the research focus of the center.

Research Process Descriptions

Natural Resource research technology generation process

  • Soil fertility improvement and soil and water conservation team
  •  Soil surveying, characterization and classification  Soil testing service team



Bedelle soil research center is located in Bedelle town 500km west of Addis Ababa/Finfinne. The center was constructed with the assistance of world bank and national fertilizer industry agency in 1991 E.C.


Tel;- +251474450484/+251474450515

Fax;- +251474450485

P. O. Box   167 Bedele

E-Mail ;-  abdule2009@gmail.com

Address Zone;- Ilubabora   

Wereda ;- Bedele