Oromia Agricultural Research Institute

Batu Fishery Research Center

Objectives of the center

The major objective to establish this center is to ascertain sustainable fishery resource utilization through greeting and adapting appropriate fishery technology.

Research Process Descriptions

Currently the center has two research teams and two support process. These teams conducts research project on fishery biology, limnology, fishing gear technology, fishery post harvest technology and fishery socio-economic and extension.

 On support side they are two, Procurement, Finance & resource management and human resource management.


It is located in central rift valley, East Shoa zone, 7.90N & 37.7 E   at an elevation of 1638 masl. The center is found in Batu town having 53,108m2 compound is a very good opportunity for fisher expansion. It was working through all water bodies in the Oromia regional state.

Tel.  +251464412034/30

Fax +251464412962

P. O. Box    229 Zway

E-Mail=- zewayfishery@gmail.com

Address Zone  East Shoa

Wereda  Adami Tulu Jido Kombolcha