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The results of completed research activities over the last couple of years ( 2015-2017) have been reviewed at Batu Town from September 04-07, 2017. In his  opening speech, Dr. Asefa Ta'a, Deputy Director General of IQQO, emphasized the need to increasingly address some chronic bottlenecks in crops, livestock, natural resources, agricultural engineering and others. Some of the bottlenecks such as wheat rusts have been with us for long time, we have been combating them with the existing technologies and they will certainly continue to exist with us in the future too, indicating the need for reemphasizing and revitalization of our research programs. Other national and regional challenges such as MLND and the Fall Armyworm have been emerging recently and need coordinated and consolidated efforts of the  research, extension system and other development workers, including community mobilization and training on Integrated Pest Management. Our research programs and projects, therefore, have to watch for other more such possibly emerging production constraints and should immediately include them as researchable issues.

The objective of this review forum is generally to evaluate the research findings - technologies, recommendations and information achieved over the last couple of years. Moreover, the research findings will be further reviewed and published on a proceeding to avail to the beneficiary communities and organizations as a catalogue of research achievements. To this end a total of 187 completed research works were reviewed in crops, livestock, natural resource, agricultural engineering and agricultural economics and extension directorates.

All research centers, especially including senior researchers have participated and  presented their research results. The presented papers are expected to pass through rigorous refining and reviewing and then will be finally published as a proceeding. Moreover,  results of immediate utility, published or unpublished, will be compiled and availed to the extension system and other users. Finally, closing speech was made by Dr Feto Esimo, Director General of IQQO in which he clearly stated that research results must be published in reputable proceedings and journals. Besides, he emphasized that research results and technologies must be duly communicated to end users, too - the farmers/pastorals and the extension system to ultimately bring about the envisaged impacts on agricultural transformation.