Oromia Agricultural Research Institute(IQQO)

Holeta Bee Research Center

Objectives of the center

  • Generating, adapting and demonstrating improved apicultural technologies
  • Provide need-based training and advisory services
  • Coordinating regional and national apiculture research
  • Develop apiculture research strategy and policy guideline
  • Assist other research centers launch apiculture research.


Research Process Descriptions

The center has 7 research cases in organized in one team.

  1. Honey bee products post harvest handling, processing and quality control
  2. Beekeeping management and genetic improvement which includes colony multiplication and management for better productivity
  3. Bee botany (bee forage and pollination ecology)
  4. Bee healthy/protection
  5. Honeybee equipment engineering.

Apiculture research and extension socio-economic


 Holeta Bee research center is a pioneer research center that is mandated to conduct research in apiculture in the region as well as the country, which is found in Special Zone of Oromia around Finfine, 37 km west to Addis Ababa/Finfinne.


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P. O. Box    22  Holeta

Website      www.hbrc.gov.et

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