Oromia Agricultural Research Institute

 Haro-Sabu Agricultural Research Center


Objectives of the center

  • To generate new technologies, introducing, screening and recommending the effective one
  • To adapt major crops of the area which are improved by technology manipulation
  • To make the farmers more beneficial by minimizing cost of production and maximizing production
  • To demonstrate technologies on farmer’s field, change attitude, make familiar with technologies and use.

Research Process Descriptions

Crop research technology generation process

  • Cereals research teams
  • Pulse and oil-seed research team
  • Horticultural research team
  • Coffee research team

Natural Resource research technology generation process

  1. Soil fertility improvement and, soil and water conservation team
  2. Agro-forestry research team.

Livestock research technology generation process

  1. Animal feed and rangeland management research team
  2. Apiculture research team

Agricultural Extension & Economics

  • Agricultural extension
  •  Agricultural economics



 It is located in Kellem Wollega zone and 550km from Finfinne. The elevation of the center is 1300-2000masl, temperature 23-340c and annual rainfall 1000-1300mm which has a beautiful scene for vision and is quite conducive for agricultural production system under rain-feed in present climatic conditions.


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