Oromia Agricultural Research Institute(IQQO)

Sinana Agricultural Research Center

Research Process Descriptions

Crop research technology generation process

  • Cereal research case team
  • Pulse and oil crops research case team
  • Fruit, vegetables and spices case team

Natural Resource research technology generation process

  • Soil fertility and water management research team
  • Farm management case research team
  • Forest resource and management case team

Live stock research technology generation process

  • Animal feeds and range land research case tea
  • Bee research case team

Agricultural Extension & Economics

  • Socio- economic research case team
  •  Agricultural extension research case team


Sinana is found in Bale zone of Oromia region at 463 km from Finfinne(Addis Ababa). Its geographical location is 07007’N latitude and 40010’E longitude. The elevation of the center is 2400 m.a.s.l with topography of gentle slope plain, which has beauty scene for vision and is quite conducive for agricultural production system under rain-fed in the present climatic conditions.


Tel  +25122111109/+251221190749/+251221190748

P. O. Box    208, Robe, Bale

E-Mail   mbariis2008@gmail.com

Address Zone__Bale   Wereda  Sinana